10 December 2010

Should Information Have an Expiration Date?

Animatronic statue that reacts to and imitates the people around it

Android Tablets Will Beat Apple iPad,

(MaRS) Information technology, communications and entertainment practice (ICE)

In this project, the curators expose these two artists’ interdisciplinary approach to experimentation in art and science.

Wordle: OnePAger : Word Cloud of first OnePager

"Every act of creation is, first of all, an act of destruction.” – Pablo Picasso
"It's the "things" you love most, the "things" that are dearest to you, that you often allow to define who you are. Which explains the sometimes insufferable pain caused by their loss. (A wholly avoidable pain.)" - The Universe
"What part of the butterfly effect will you be?" - R.B. Wild
"There are deserts in every life, and the desert must be depicted if we are to give a fair and complete idea of the country." - André Maurois
"The need for something better, something perfect is hard wired into our DNA. Unfortunately, some people think perfection can be achieved by simply continuing." - Robert Genn

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