21 December 2009

Tools for Visualizing your Data (with CSS, Flash, jQuery, PHP) Via

Shapes in Other Dimensions

(Interactive Map) : http://www.conflicthistory.com/#/period/1951-2002

Scribble on Google Maps : http://scribblemaps.com/#

3D Projection on Buildings. New Art? New Advertising?

Our task: tracing connections between and across diverse fields and disciplines...

Timeplots.com : new infographic site focused on designing visual timelines.

(Project Grid) http://www.openprocessing.org/browse/?viewBy=date&month=08&year=2009

Digital Media Corridor gets funding

Collage work done on compact discs

"Dare. It's always worth it." - TU
"One hundred rumors are not comparable to one look." - Old Chinese Inscription
"The Greeks and Romans had creative and leisure time, and that was part of cultivating genius." - cathduncan
"Good work taps into your spirit." - Ethos
"The big print giveth and the small print taketh away." - Tom Waits

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