22 December 2009

(Animated) feature preview of geocubes (fast and easy clustering millions of geo-points on maps within milliseconds)

TimeMap : click to find the time at a place

The Walking Paths

here exactly is the North Magnetic Pole? Moving! (Wanders daily. Shifts 40 km a year - 1100 km in the last century!)



The world's great unsolved math mysteries

How Visual Thinking Can Aid in the Learning Process

(WOW) Time-lapsed Graphitti

Celebrity Art (sold 32 years later)

"For at the root of all [musical] creation one discovers an appetite that is not an appetite for the fruits of the earth." - Igor Stravinsky Via
"Embrace ambiguity." - Ethos
"I'm in favor of an art that does something other than just sit on its ass in a museum." - Claes Oldenburg Via
"Getting lost can lead to great discoveries." - R.B.Wild
"The only difference between joyful moments and others... is you." - TU

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