16 December 2009

Microsoft’s Bing Maps goes 3D (and adds Apps)

New Format for Google Image Results

(Example Flash) Map / Photo interface

When Graphics Will Help (and When They Won't)

Most Amazing Medical Images of 2009

Network Centre of Excellence (NCE) in Graphics, Animation and New Media

#lrnchat : http://lrnchat.wordpress.com/ is an online chat (that happens every Thursday night 8:30-10pm EST) on Twitter among participants interested in the topic of "learning from one another" (and who want to discuss how to help other people learn).

"As a Man Is, So He Sees"

"la colle" (the collage zine)

Top Ten Reasons to Give Art This Holiday Season

"Better to illuminate than merely to shine (to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate)." - Saint Thomas Aquinas
"Simplify the cluttered, and clutter the simple." - Robert Genn
"...when all things are considered (including uncertainty), they are not equal...(the cards are still heavily stacked in your favor)." - TU
"The most surprising discoveries often result from a deep misunderstanding." - @johnmaeda
"It's not how you drive on the fairway, but how you fare on the driveway." (after Tiger Woods)

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