02 October 2009

Mind-blowing maps (and ways to create them)

The Ultimate Uncluttered Tube Map

(SlideShow) Interaction Design

(THE GREAT BOOKS MOVEMENT) A Return to the Classics

Thinking Outside the Grid

MacArthur fellowship aids in Visualization & Perception

(Tour) The MaRS Mission

An Atlas is a traveling exhibition of artists working with “radical cartography”—a practice that uses maps and mapping to promote social change, and that is part of a cultural movement linking art, geography and activism. The participating artists, architects and collectives play with cartographic conventions—geographic shapes, wayfinding symbols, and aerial views—to take on issues from globalization to garbage. (Curators: Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat) Participating artists: An Architektur, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Jacqueline Goss, Ashley Hunt, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Invisible-5,Pedro Lasch,Lize Mogel, Trevor Paglen and John Emerson, Brooke Singer, Jane Tsong,Unnayan

High Park Labyrinth

(Audio) "Judging Distances" (.mp3)

"Artists are beings of imagination. Failure can well be imagined, but so can success." - Robert Genn
"Success in life is a matter not so much of talent or opportunity as of concentration and perseverance." - C.W. Wendte
" The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next." - Ursula K. LeGuin (via Adam Shand)
"As long as scientists are free to pursue the truth wherever it may lead, there will be a flow of new scientific knowledge to those who can apply it to practical problems." - Vannevar Bush
"When you don't know what to do next, sometimes it's because you've already done more than you give yourself credit for." - TU

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