29 October 2009

Maps That Matter


What’s the most remote place on Earth?

What problem does Google Wave solve?

Fractal Contest Winners

Map Seller : http://www.rare-maps.com/aboutus.cfm

(Examples) The Power of Visual Thinking (aka doodling) Via

Deepak Chopra said all of his undertakings begin with a mind map.

Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD)

The Greatest Geniuses Of All Time

"Art discribes what words cannot." - Horus Delvalle
"...your feelings are your choice (what manifests thereafter may not be?)" - TU
"The strokes of the pen need deliberation as much as the sword needs swiftness." - Julia Ward Howe
"Everyone should know of all information that others have deemed unfit for public knowledge." - Author Unknown
"Do not look on life as a ladder to be climbed. You are already fully developed." -The Guardians (spirit guides) Via

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