10 February 2009

(Summary) Thematic mapping techniques

Cluster your geo-referenced data into squares : http://www.geocubes.com/ (showing the number of points in the area).

Getting Acquainted with Adobe CS4

Imagining the tenth dimension

Story that gives a playful introduction to Chinese characters.

Linear Transformations in Works of Art

(Blog) NeoGeographer

http://www.voices.com/ matches voice talent with people interested in buying their services (without having to go through an agent).

(The Daily Show On) Iran's Emerging Photoshop Threat

delico.us here

"The Master does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, yet many more are left to be done." -Tao Te Ching
"A genius! For 37 years I’ve practiced fourteen hours a day, and now they call me a genius!" - Pablo Sarasate (Spanish violinist)
"You should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth." - Henrik Ibsen
"Facts do not exist apart from a conceptual scheme. People with different conceptual schemes live in different worlds." - Weimer
"I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it." - Morpheus

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