05 February 2009

Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

NovaMind Mind Mapping Software

Visualizing influence

Participation just isn't on the mind map

Digital Media Tour Via

Map Blog List

Art from Pushing Buttons and Turning Dials

Signature Seals

(Definition) "bindu" = spot at the center, representing the essence, the spark, or soul.

Quotation Ring Homepage : http://www.quotationring.net/

"Hope is an anchor And love is a ship, Time is the ocean And life is a trip You don't know where you're goin', 'Til you know where you're at. And if you can't read the stars Well, you'd better have a map. A compass and a conscience So you don't get lost at sea Lonesome old lonely island Where no one wants to be." - You’ll Be There
"Some people make headlines, while others make history." - Philip Elmer-DeWitt
"The cartographer lives at the ambiguous interface of exact science and art." - Jean-Claude Groshens
"...often you can tell which of your new friends, old friends, and former friends still love you, because they're the ones who ask for nothing." - TU
"A lotta cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original." -Louis Armstrong

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