19 February 2009

Pedestrian Navigation With User Generated Content (Users Are Doing It For Themselves)

EarthBrowser presentation (at Google !?)

Jacques Bertin provides a comprehensive framework for the analysis and representation of data.

LiveMarks is a project to show del.icio.us and other services’ bookmarks live. Via http://swik.net/LiveMarks (Example)

How to be an Insanely Great Conference Attendee

Brian Eno Talks About His 77 Million Paintings

Walt Whitman

Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere

'Via' credit

"The people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them." - Rothko
"You have to have a battle plan but the plan had better include plenty of room for the absolute certainty that the plan will start going wonky from the get-go." - Carl von Clausewitz (paraphrasized from "On War, back in the early nineteenth century)
"Following the trail of events from some point in the past to a piece of modern technology is rather like a detective story, with you as the detective, knowing only as much as the people in the past do, and like them having to guess at what was likely to happen next." - James Burke
"I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things…I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind." - Leo Buscaglia
"One man with a dream, at pleasure, Shall go forth and conquer a crown; And three with a new song's measure Can trample an empire down" - O'Shaughnessy

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