28 April 2004

(Clunky) Interactive? Flash maps at http://www.ladbrokes.com/bigbirdrace/

Affirmations; (from http://www.ibelieveinyou.co.uk/go/Affirmations.html )
1: I feel confident to try new things
2: I have the power to make dramatic changes
3: I relax and visualize creative images
4: I operate in my stretch zone
5: I believe in what I think
6: I know how to approach problems from different angles
7: I am open to new ideas
8: I think positive thoughts
9: I am open to new information
10: I understand my own creative powers
11: I am great at generating new ideas
12: My mind has unlimited potential

Technique to make sketches from a photo; (from http://forums.devshed.com/archive/t-138187
1.image > adjustment > desaturate 2.copy background layer (now work only on copied layer, but keep orig.layer visible)
3.image > adjustment > invert
4.change layer blending mode to color dodge (this should turn the image completely white)
5.filter > blur > guassian blur (radius 2.0)
6.repeat step 5 with the same radius several times, until the lines are dark enough
(you may want to play around with different blur radius) and after you get a decent image you can flatten or duplicate image and flatten, then use the sharpen filter or poster edges filter to get the image alittle sharper.

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