15 April 2004

The anacubis visual search interface will represent business data visually, immediately enabling you to understand relationships between companies and people... http://us.anacubis.com/hooversdemo/hoovers/index.asp
The anacubis Viewer is a read only web service. anacubis Desktop users may drag and drop visual search results from the anacubis Viewer into the anacubis Desktop where the data may be further manipulated, analyzed, edited and merged with data from other sources, both internal and external..."environment where users can create a cross section of information … the heart of better decision making."
reveal previously hidden relationships
comprehend and present complex information
identify information with common characteristics
explore factors critical to your research and analysis

AskJeeves "Famous People Search" returns short bio and edited links ... http://who2.com/jeeves/migueldecervantes.html

Get a quote for each Great Author http://www.aol.bartleby.com/66/12/29412.html

Most famous thinking path http://www.aboutdarwin.com/pictures/Sandwalk/Sandwalk.html

"Chaos is the score on which reality is written." - Henry Miller.
"It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious." Whitehead


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