10 June 2013

Technical Articles - Remote Sensing


(Video) What makes a video viral?

http://sketchupdate.blogspot.ca/search/label/Woodworking (for model-making)

Artists Who Destroyed Their Own Work


Mixed Media and Collage

M.C. Escher in Calgary this summer

Scratchboard is a 2-dimensional, subtractive medium that involves the use of abrasive tools to directly remove a surface layer of one value (typically dark) to expose a secondary layer of a contrasting value (typically white).

Test Scores Show That 'Grit' Is More Important Than IQ

"It is not the trauma of birth which concerns the destructivist. He understands that there is no need for magic in living. It is one’s sense of death which needs the life-giving nourishment of transcendental ritual." -Raphael MontaƱez Ortiz, Destructivist Manifesto, 1962
"How long will I be unsuccessful?  Until I'm successful." - R.B. Wild
"If what we make turns out to be half decent, people will eventually show up to take a look." - Robert Genn
"It's the final moments that define a journey and the first ones that make it possible. (Both, you have total control over.)" -  The Universe
"You just need to be one of the artists people don't forget when they go home." - Anna O'Sullivan,  curator

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