11 June 2013

15-minute maps highlight bus and rail lines that come at least every 15 minutes.


(TutorialGeometry & Textures with Processing

(pdf)  The Fallacy of Software Engineering

The Young British Artists Are Now In Their 50s

(Short video) Toronto artist Shary Boyle's project "Music For Silence" at the Venice Biennale.


The DOJ is arguing the facts. Apple is arguing the law.

Beastles ...  Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups 

Paint recycling depot

"The more you trust folks, the less they let you down." - The Universe
"It's surprising how often we are easily hoodwinked by details--or beguiled by our own previously proven capabilities. In doing so, we can miss the big picture." - Robert Genn
"If you under-train, you may not finish, but if you over-train, you may not start." - Stan Jensen
"When all is said and done, there is usually more said than done." - Yarn
"Amateur sport is not played to entertain adult spectators." - R.B. Wild

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