18 January 2013

(Video) Tony Buzan; "The Power of a Mind to map".

 Wolfram Demo Projects Art

"Originality" refers to "coming from someone as the originator/author" (insofar as it somehow reflects the author's personality)

Koch snowflake in just one cut

plate steel + a laser cutter + a passion for geometry + some spare time + a great imagination



Negotiating With Gun Advocates Just Gives Them More Ammunition

"Understanding the junk in creativity's trunk is crucial to understanding where creativity comes from." - Via
"I am realistic - I expect miracles." - Wayne Dyer
"No one ever said you have to always be reasonable (nor practical, prudent, or perfect)." - The Universe
"Of the original phenomena, light is the most enthralling.” - Leonardo da Vinci
"How do territorial borders influence human behaviour and thinking...?" - Via

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