09 January 2013


http://www.zefrank.com/snowflake/ Maker (3D rotate)

Art for the Geographically Inclined

Researchers have been using a visual approach to understand the brain for centuries

(Java Applet)   http://mbostock.github.com/d3/talk/20111018/force-states.html




War Art

"If you don't know, say so (It's a simple statement that enhances credibility)." - W. Brett Wilson
"We need to understand the difference between location and place. Computers and mobiles are very good at location, but we describe where we are as place, where culture meets location." - Matt Jones
"Most "breakthroughs" in life are really 'break-withs'.Create a break with the mediocrity or mistakes of the past." - Davis-Ward
"I had to figure out painting by myself." - Alex Katz (Via video interview)
"Letting go is always easier than holding on. And it's how the new stuff will find you." - The Universe

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