17 September 2012

Border Bumping : (a self-professed work of dislocative media that) utilizes the contradictions of cell phone signals and networks to rework national boundaries.

Interface Aesthetics: An Introduction

Shepard Fairey (copyright) video;

(Interactive Collage Display) at Science Center  Via



Sparks to Science, Math and Tech Careers Differ among Sexes 

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Toronto Startup Ecosystem
"Life is a movement from the forgotten into the unexpected." - Loren Eisely
"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness." - Allen Ginsberg
"Infinity is where things happen that don't." - S. Knight
"You can always change how you feel (and you can always feel whatever you like)." - The Universe "Creativity is the ability to take things and combine them." - @fredrikharen

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