03 August 2012

(Community Mural Map Project)

(Demo) http://www.gocognitive.net/demo/visual-search

Opinion Cloud

Any sound into art:  http://www.bespokenart.com/gallery_bespoken_art.html

On the Importance of Being Edgy


(Mash-up Kanye West +Yeah Yeah Yeah) "Paranoid Maps"

88 years of Olympic Games logo design

"Currently, a whopping 93% of the top million sites on the internet with maps are using Google maps (or the Google maps API)." - Tnooz
"Whoever said that you can't have it all, must have been a young soul. Among other things, time and space actually exist to teach you that you can." - The Universe
"The painter should paint not only what he has in front of him, but also what he sees inside himself." - Caspar David Friedrich
"Memento Mori (Remember your Mortality)" - Latin
"The second person to write a story about a young boy and an escaped slave on the Mississippi wasn't a novelist, he was a typist." -

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