20 June 2012

Something about Maps

World Freedom Atlas

Stephen Hawking (Map) is keeping his eyes on the ... Nobel Prize

(Author: Ian Hacking)  http://www.nepistemology.com/docs/autonomy_of_statistical_law.pdf 

Infographic Resumes (an escalating trend)

Grafitti artist at work:

A. MICHAEL NOLL : 50th Anniversary of His Digital Computer Art


"The path to Great probably doesn't pass through Good." - R.B. Wild
"Traditional science contradicts religion both in its determinism and its rejection of causes that cannot be seen and measured. But a new school of thought in science does something very different. It regards natural processes as a combination of chance and necessity, with the former holding priority over the latter." -  (Monod 1971; Eigen and Winkler 1981)  Via
"There are only two types of dreams; those that have come true, and those that are coming true." -The Universe
"New research shows that organic food makes people more judgmental and less likely to help others." - Brain Blogger
"To write with a broken pencil is pointless." -LEXIPHILE

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