22 June 2012

Google Testing New Navigation Interface

Social LandMark Map


Play with space-filling curves here

(Webinar) Introduction to No Limits Mind Mapping

What is the difference between analytic cubism and synthetic cubism?

Roswell UFO incident (originates with a U.S. Army press release on 8 July 1947)

Why Scammers Say They're From Nigeria
"Most artists work all the time. Especially the good ones. (I mean, what else is there to do?)" - David Hockney
"Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was resisting a rest." - LexiPhile
"I think the next century will be the century of Complexity." - Stephen Hawking
"Funny how some folks think that avoiding challenges will bring them peace? As if the peace they now know didn't come from earlier challenges that were faced, and mastered." - The Universe
"Each medium, if its bias is properly exploited, reveals and communicates a unique aspect of reality, of truth. Each offers a different perspective, a way of seeing an otherwise hidden dimension of reality." ‐ Carpenter, E. (1960). The new languages. In E. Carpenter & M. McLuhan (Eds.), Explorations in Communication: An anthology. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.

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