07 October 2011

Pollock's Fractals : That isn't just a lot of splattered paint on those canvases, it's good mathematics

Instagram -  Snap a photo, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever.

Humans are hardwired to get a pleasure buzz from uncertainty

Create an animated GIF

Twitter Short Codes

Diptychs and;Triptychs 
(AGO) Artist-in-Residence Program

" In my humble studio one hears the constant click, click, click of production." - R.B.Wild
"I like to live like a poor man with lots of money." - Picasso
"We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing." - Maria Mitchell
"I'm a content guy, I guess, in both sense." -Adam Owen.
"Not only is everyone beautiful in their own way, but everyone is beautiful to someone else as well." - The Universe

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