25 January 2011

Finding Tweets about Places (including use of Yellow API?)

MousePath traces where your cursor goes (for however long you leave it running) ... and makes an image file of it.

Origami-ish gifts


(Definition) "up-cycled" : repurposing of a material into a product of higher quality.

"I'm sure you've probably noticed, but you've already gone farther than you used to dream of going." - The Universe
"Staying the course is like navigating a new world with an old map." - BNY Mellon, NYT Times ad
"Keep busy while you're waiting for something to happen." - Robert Genn
"All scientific knowledge to which man owes his role as master of the world arose from playful activities." - Konrad Lorenz Via
"Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them." - Alfred North Whitehead

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