10 September 2010

Maps: Recipes for the Future

(Collaborators : http://fractal.co/ ) Animated Fractals

Maintaining Your Non-Text Content

(Mindjet launches) new Map Sharing Community

(Self-published) 'Map" books

Do multiple monitors boost productivity?

The Idea-Monger: No Genius Required

The Web Is Dead

The West is declining in relative power, Islam is exploding demographically, and Asian civilizations—especially China—are economically ascendant.

(DMT) Farther Away from Ordinary Reality

"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been." - Diane Arbus
"Every thought, every word, and every deed (whether they serve you or not), changes everything." - TU
"Theoretical breakthroughs can't be mapped out in advance. You can't know you've broken through until you're... through." - Via
"In Banff there is nothing to call you away from wherever you are." - Stephen Osborne
"You have to become somebody before you can become nobody." - Via

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