07 September 2010

(Arcade Fire) 'Ready To Start'

Fractal parameters animated by sound

Magical Web Startup Founding Team

(As Attention Spans Drop) Pretty Pictures Made of Facts Look Like the Future of Communication

(Definition) 'mandelbox' : a fractal with a boxlike shape.

Advantages of hand-drawn mindmapping

(U.of A Show) Journeys beyond the neatline: expanding the boundaries of cartography

(Map Book) Reviews

Can artists really be considered to have made scientific breakthroughs?

(Definition) 'zwischenzug' (German) : an intermediate move--not the expected move or tactic but the insertion of another, unexpected one.

(Enactment of a funny scene from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail) A Dark Age of Camelot

"There is only one limit beyond which things can­not go, ... annihilation.” - Walter Benjamin, 1926
"We're in the business of showing people something that they may only partly understand, or not yet know at all." - Robert Genn
"Nothing in the world is yours to keep / You may have but not hold / In the end you receive only that which you have given." - Bradford Shank, 'Fragments'
"Be like a postage stamp, stick to one thing until you get there." - Josh Billings (Via GarinKilpatrick)
"We stumble upon ideas, and although we can sometimes recall how we got there, we could not have anticipated the discovery in advance." - Mark Changizi

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