22 July 2010

Mashing, Burning, Mixing (and the Destructive Creativity of Web 2.0)

Drawing is a Way of Thinking

(Writings by a) Syntopicon indexer

(TED video) Detail that makes the difference

Famous People Painting (with Wikipedia Links & Mouse Over Tagging) like EdmontoniansMap

(Interview) Information architecture practice

(Video) Autodesk's Tom Wujec Talks About Art and Design for the 21st Century

(Definition) 'Ma' (Japanese concept) : items in the world automatically get your attention and direct your mind along specific paths.

(Brain fitness program study reveals) visual memory improvement in older adults

"In art there is only one thing that counts: the thing you can’t explain." – Georges Braque
"Video games can never be art." - Roger Ebert
"In the elemental and intrinsic sense,information cannot be seen: it needs to be made visible through a natural or creative artifice. Information only takes on a tangible form when rendered through a toolset." - Via
"Why is it that good management fails? They typically hold the wheel steady –– using existing inertia to innovate in an incremental fashion..." - Clayton Christensen, The Innovator’s Dilemma
"In abstraction, you can't always tell exactly what it is you are looking at, and there lies its charm. Mystery builds viewer interest." - Robert Genn

smART Map by Raw'n' Wild

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