26 July 2010

Maps mashups listed : http://www.mapsmashupmapsmashup.com/

A Visualization Based Taxonomy for Informative Representation (introduction and overview)

Infographics About Social Media

Visual thinkers need to take another look

New York Public Library Image Collection


(Video) Converstion Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno

File-Sharing and Copyright

(Example) Painting Notes

"Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing.. Enough said. It's practically impossible to debate a metaphor." - ruv
"No matter how well you perform, there’s always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it’s lousy." - Sir Laurence Olivier
"To young souls there are good folks and bad folks. To mature souls there are only good folks, though some do bad things (And old souls, only see themselves). - The Universe
"The Secret to a Good Presentation: Be sincere; be brief; be seated." - Franklin D. Roosevelt (1982-1945)
"...now with the electronic, and soon the digital, there is no more negative and no more positive. The very notion of the original is obsolete. Everything is a copy. All distinctions have become arbitrary." - Wim Wenders, A Notebook on Cities and Clothes

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