03 June 2010

(Online forum for the discussion of) Interaction Design

(Video overview) EnVision is a tool that allows you to transparently user remote visualization resources through a thin web based client from anywhere in the world. Via

Hexagonal Grids (used for observation, experiment and simulation)

Conceptual maps versus Topic Maps

(Animation) Mandelbrot Ghosting

Visual Learners Convert Words To Pictures In The Brain

(International Journal of) Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics

(Job) Researcher within the Center for Excellence for Geospatial Information Science

Canucks in the Valley

"Sit, walk, or run, but don't wobble." - Zen proverb Via
"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Brooks Adams
"The trick will be to seize the opportunities, avoid the pitfalls, and get back home by 6:00." - Woody Allen
"Everything can look like a failure in the middle." - Rosabeth Kanter
"I want to make manifest what artists have done from the beginning of time--feed off one another's work and, in so doing, remake it, refashion it, fashion something new." - David Shields

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