10 June 2010

(Google Search) Starred results for visual mapping
- greatmap.blogspot.com/

Nested Hex Grids

Putting the where and what together in the visual brain Via

(Journal) http://www.isama.org/hyperseeing/10/10a.pdf

The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts : http://litsci.org/index.html members share an interest in problems of science and representation, and in the cultural and social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine.

(Definition) "forced perspective" ; a technique that utilizes visual illusion to make an object appear farther, closer, smaller or bigger than it actually is.

(The Art of Victorian Photocollage) 'Playing with Pictures'

(Very intense, psychedelic) Mathematical Art

So here's the poop ...

"Who's zoomin' who?" - ?
"You can do anything. And you can start today." - TU
"When in doubt, ascribe all quotations to George Bernard Shaw." - Rees’s First Law of Quotation Via
"The #2 Rule of Wayfinding is; If you have to go, you have to go." - R.B. Wild
"Change specifics to ambiguities." - ?

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