09 November 2009

Algorithm that processes images (on Flickr for a specific geographical area) and builds a colormap, similar to a heatmap, of the various colors found in that area. Via

(Canadian) The Stimulus Map

Visualizing MLB hit locations on a Google Map


JAVA Geometry Explorer

(Reflective Response to) 10 facts about learning

Canada’s Top Research Universities

(Unrealart) Computer Generated Art Via

(Book) Lives of the Artists

smART Maps cause/affect(?) amazing geometrical hallucinations (like those experienced under the influence of DMT?)

"Can I Interest You In Some Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Discussion?" - Jon Stewart
"It may not matter how many universes exist - just how many a single observer can tell apart." - Via
"More of everything is on the way.... " - TU
"When the whole and the parts are seen at once, as mutually producing and explaining each other, as unity in multeity, there results shapeliness." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
"Ideas have a better chance of coming true if you say them." - #poptech takeaway (Via AllysonHewitt)

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