04 November 2008

On the Normalization and Visualization of Author Co-Citation Data (here for pdf )

Map of the World 2.0 : http://www.appappeal.com/web-2-0-application-world-mosaic/

Marco Polo's Travels (on Google Maps) Via

Virtual Library: History of Art

Initial review of the body of knowledge: mapping the field

Best Web-Based Image And Photo Editors

Landscape’s new dimension

Flattened Mountains

(Sample personal video) Vision Statement :


Map leggings

"The wider course would be to say that there are certain lines along which humanity must move, the grand strategy is mapped out, but detailed prophecy is not our business." - George Orwell , 'Why Socialists Don't Believe in Fun', Tribune (1943-12-20)
"...the wall exists only to be transgressed..." - Alice
"At that time there were many blank spaces on the earth, and when I saw one that looked particularly inviting on a map (but they all look that) I would put my finger on it and say, When I grow up I will go there." - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
"Life is a workshop." - John Cage
"Those you help the most will be least likely to acknowledge your assistance." - R.B.Wild

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