31 October 2007

http://www.myprofilemaps.com/ : Create your Custom Myspace Map Code (to see who's looking at your profile)

OrigamiMap : http://www.kottke.org/plus/misc/images/origami01.gif

About Golf (Mind)Map

uiknow.com : "finding, organizing, creating & sharing" information on the internet or intranets" ( test space at uiknow.ning.com )

Interesting (Flash) 'collage' interface : http://www.mappingfestival.com/mapping2007/

Lat/Lon To Tile : http://mapki.com/wiki/Lat/Lon_To_Tile (displays custom tiles that show the x,y,zoom (or satellite t=) parameters, and latitude and longitude of the tiles that make up a google map).

The map and the book (etymology)

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

CNN coming to Second Life

MAD Magazine Cover Archive Specials

"Cognitive aspects of communication are to be found in the mind of the mapmaker, and especially the mind of the map reader." - Daniel R. Montello
"Do It Wrong Quickly." - Mike Moran Via
"It's not thinking about the bucks that makes one rich ... but thinking rich, that makes the bucks." - The Universe
"'Idea' is what the artist gives, like a stone thrown into the water for ripples to be made." - YOKO ONO
"Every map is a tool, a product of human effort and creativity, that represents some aspects of our world or universe ..." - Timothy G. Feeman

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