19 October 2007

HappinessMap : http://www.mind-mapping.co.uk/assets/examples/MM_Happiness.jpg Via (which has many other examples).

(Video) Trace Any IP Address In The World :

Political boundaries of North America : http://nationalatlas.gov/mld/bound0m.html

( Wedding) Map Icons : http://www.weddingmap.com/icons.htm PDF Download

WebShot Maps



Systematic approach: How to get 100,000+YouTube views

Gift idea

"Knowledge is best presented through dynamic visual maps, supported with high retention images, interaction and music." : http://www.machine-dreams.com/audience_response/multimedia.html (Scores of PowerPoint slides and hours of one way communication seldom deliver the best results.)

Via http://www.grunch.net/synergetics/volumes.html ------>>>>

"To start from nothing and create an idea that ends up improving people's lives, it's just fun, the most fun in the world." - Rich Newton
"Eureka! - 'I have found it! - Archimedes
"If there isn't a significant possibility of failure it's not research, it's just work." - Duncan Buell, U. of S. Carolina
"I want to play until the end." - Gabriel Reece
"Collaborate. The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential." - Bruce Mau Design

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