29 December 2020


(Science disRegard)   https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=S58vlJwhwDw



(Buckminster Fuller)  http://www.rwgrayprojects.com/synergetics/synergetics.html

(Podcasts) https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qykl/episodes/downloads

Author bpNichol




"(This may sound strange, coming from a technologist), but the fact is that down through history most of man’s inventions have first appeared in decorative rather than practical applications.” - Cyril Stanley Smith (‘Aesthetic Curiosity - The Root of Invention’) 

"What I fear most in life is the hardness of heart of educated people.” - Gandhi

"Courage is a matter of knowing when and how to take chances, especially when we’re afraid to.” - Mark Kingswell (author of ‘On Risk’)

"The size of your dreams, has little to do with the likelihood of them coming to pass." - TU

"People ask me, ‘Don't you ever run out of ideas?’ Well, in the first place, I don't use ideas. Every time I have an idea, it's too limiting and usually turns out to be a disappointment. But I haven't run out of curiosity." - Robert Rauschenberg



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