25 November 2015




(Video) Seven Slide-Together Constructions



Why why all creative culture is built on “plagiarism, literary debt, appropriation, incorporation, retelling, rewriting, recapitulation, revision, reprise…


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"The whole process of nature is an integrated process of immense complexity, and it’s really impossible to tell whether anything that happens in it is good or bad." - Alan Watts (on the Art of Learning Not to Think in Terms of Gain and Loss)
"Living a meaningful life is not a popularity contest. If what you’re saying is always getting applause, you’re probably not yet doing the right stuff." - Marianne Williamson
"All that you must do, you've already done. Let everything else be what you want to do." - The Universe
"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." - Lao Tzu
"Where you experience suffering, you can also find freedom from suffering. Trying to run away from suffering is actually to run toward it." - Ajahn Chah

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