09 October 2014

(Toronto) Cycling Map

(Live Streaming from the Fields Institute)  http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/live


Dextro, Algorithmic Artist


(Video) DementiaHack winner

(InfoGraphic) Relationships in the Middle East


Example Pop-Up store

(XP) “Zombie OS” Still Outweighs Win8 on the Desktop

"There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all." - Peter Drucker
"If you leave the tough stuff till last, which is human nature, you are more likely to tighten up as you move toward the finish." - Robert Genn
"You are born every second." - Angeli Li
"The thing to always remember, is that what you do, or don't do, today, is what matters most." - The Universe
"Dialing effort back to 95 or 90% will prevent you from believing that more of the same hard work will do any good." - R.B. Wild

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