07 October 2013

(Map) World Drainage Basins

Creating Content for Digital Holograms

(Fractal) jerusalem-cube 

(2min talk) From creation to curation



Political Bias Ruins Your Ability to do Math

Projecting still images onto monumental sculptures


(Official Music Video) Atlas Genius - Trojans

"Just busy yourself doing what you most want, among the choices now before you, and before long your life's purpose will find you." - TU
http://bit.ly/GgBLW for more
"Is It Just Me Or Do Artist Statements Sound Pretentious?" - Via
"I've gotten over the fact that every record you make has to be on an equal footing." - Elvis Costello
"Although you don’t see me, it doesn't mean I don’t work." - Ask! action slogan by Revolt Social Workers, Ljubljana
"Five hundred years ago, no painter would talk to you about ideas, or even impact. Painters merely painted. Today, you don't need a brush to be an artist, but you do need to want to make change." - Via

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