08 August 2013

(Interactive) Crime Map of London

(Annimation) Tensegrity to Weaving Transformation

16 useless infographics

Designers: Learn To Code! Here’s How To Start

Animation with Fractal Hearts

(Paris-Toronto) http://www.thepowerplant.org/Exhibitions/2013/Summer/Jimmy-Robert.aspx

Why Creative People Are Eccentric

The Media Arts Net­work of Ontario


How to Win (Twitter) Friends and Influence People

"Watching something closely does not help it move faster in the direction you desire." - R.B. Wild
"The things that mystify you need not worry you." - TU
"Genius is nothing but a power of sustained attention." - William James, Talks to Teachers on Psychology, 1899
"The Bauhaus accepts the machine as the most modern means of design." - Gropius
"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still." - Chinese Proverb

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