18 December 2012

The Interpretation of Bias (and the Bias of Interpretation)

Great local search apps for iOS

The Mathematics Behind Comics xkcd

Two-way (sending and receiving) short codes United States (40404) and Canada (21212)  SMS short codes for other countries

(Video) Quirky science tricks for parties



A billion dollar software tech company is founded every 3 months in U.S.

"... what if that knot-in-your-stomach wasn't something to be avoided, but a sign you're getting ready for something bigger?" - Jamie Broughton
"Perhaps merging Art with Math and Science is the new language needed today to help us achieve a new quantum level of human knowledge." - Rich Byrnes
"Having an idea is not special; creating a network around that idea is the comparative advantage." - @quixotic
"...you chose to be who you now are, you came here to thrive, the odds always seem steep, the game is rigged in your favor, you knew what you were doing,,,," - The Universe
"We can have more than we've got, because we can become more than we are." - Jim Roh

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