08 October 2012

Philosophy of Mathematics

(Google+)  About circles

(Blog)  Creative Mapping  : dedicated to the creative use of maps in art or how to map information creatively.

Journalistic Re-mixing 

David Byrne and St Vincent (performing each others' songs together)

Portraiture in Collage: The Work of Charles Williams

Digital Art App Idea

Peace as a verb

"Art is what you can't not make." - R.B. Wild
"With the dominance of the cellphone, a new metaphor is emerging for how we organize, find and use information. New in one sense, that is. It is also as ancient as humanity itself. That metaphor is the map." - John Markoff  (article in the NY Times ;“The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives”)
"Photographs transport people to an earlier time without the need to master quantum physics or pay the tolls associated with North America's wormhole highways." - Via
"You're not supposed to be able to see it with your eyes first (It wouldn't be called 'manifesting' if you could.). - The Universe
"Don’t run away from your happiness. Take it while it offers itself to you freely, later you will be running after it, but you won’t overtake it." - Chekhov

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