23 March 2012

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(Free Ebook PDF) : To The Power Of N Collage Exhibition (download)  By Joel Lambeth


Yoshizawa is credited with turning origami from a children's pastime into a serious art form 

(Definition)"Bel far niente" = the beauty of doing nothing

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Sorry I missed this funeral

"Give yourself permission to fail, to create, to do whatever it takes to get started." - .Bob Burridge
"Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals." - James Collins ('Built To Last')
"All I can say is that you have a beautiful mind. :)" - creativecurrents
"Always trust your dreams (they've chosen you, as much as you've chosen them)." - The Universe
"...people are curious to meet artists, particularly when they're funny looking. People will drive right across a country to see how funny.," - Robert Genn

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