23 February 2012

(Interesting Presentation) The Geography of Visual Thoughts

Why we're making a map of the brain

WiFi HotSpot Map

Tagxedo : word cloud with styles

Artists and Digital: Why Social Media Is the New Gallery
DIY: Turn Digital Photos into Vintage-like Prints with Mulberry Paper

How I Get Up At 5 a.m. Everyday

"I think it's wrong that so many people pass on from this existence, and take all their knowledge with them." - Rex Hunt
"Man doesn't create, man only discovers." - Cicero
"Never limit yourself to what you think is reasonable or possible. You have to learn that your ambition and desires may seem more unreasonable to you than they do to other people." --Michael Korda
"That knowledge which is popular is not scientific." - Maria Mitchell
"Just because someone may find fault, cast stones, or disagree with you, doesn't mean they don't adore you (actually it's these same folks who usually do)." - The Universe

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