16 December 2011

IT Audit Map

Can Google (Facebook, tech wonks, and Web activists) kill the Stop Online Piracy Act?

(Video of) immune cells attacking the pancreas  Via

New world of (digital) art and collecting  : http://www.seditionart.com   Via

(Performance Art) http://www.ikatun.org/kanarinka/erase-the-border/ Erase the Border

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Even If You're Old You Can Learn New Tricks With Really Freaking Hard Work

"Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous." - Plato
"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." - Willa Sibert Cather
"Detours, challenges, and crisis are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you." - The Universe
"The small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify we give the name of knowledge." - Ambrose Bierce
"He's comfortable on the yellow brick road and seldom feels the need to get to Oz." - Robert Genn

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