22 August 2011

deCarta Remains Nimble in Mobile Search Market (LBS)

What to Do About All the Crazy-Ridiculous Research?


"Labyrinths, Mazes and the Spaces Inbetween" (by Sam McElhinney)

(Definition) "Halakhic system" : generally imposes exact, artificial boundaries upon the various phenomena of created nature.

Math ArtLink

(Sample Sharing Concept) CopyWisely

"... each US citizen averages around $51k personal debt, while their share of the national debt is around $47k ... total debt per family: $668,639." - Via
"No mistake is more common and more fatuous than appealing to logic in cases which are beyond her jurisdiction." - Samuel Butler
"Only put off until tomorrow, what you are willing to die left undone." - Pablo Picasso
"Some are better loved from a distance. For a while, anyway (and that's OK)." - The Universe
"The artist must ever play and experiment with new means of arranging experience, even though the majority of his audience may prefer to remain fixed in their old perceptual attitudes." - Marshall McLuhan

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