26 October 2010

Mobile Experience Innovation Centre : http://meic.ca/ supports design leadership, innovation and applied research in Canada's mobile and wireless industries.

Unusual Atlas

(Banff) Applications for 2011-2012 Creative Residencies

Eureka moments are very, very rare

(Interactive Documentary) http://interactive.nfb.ca/#/outmywindow/

"I begin my novels without ideas. I don't have a plot, or themes, or a sense of the book's form. Often I don't even have a specific character in mind." - Nicole Krauss
"Paradise ... it's a state of not having all you want, but knowing that it's near, that you can have it, and that you will." - TU
"Chaos in the midst of chaos is not funny, but chaos in the midst of order is." - Steve Martin
"Infinity is where things happen that don't." - S. Knight
"You are never too old to become younger." - Mae West

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