31 August 2009

Create your own Facebook Network Map

Cubescape : app for creating isometric pixel art-esque images

(Alexander's) Architectural Pattern Language

Cubist Revolt and the Fourth Dimension

Disqus : http://www.disqus.com/ is a powerful comment system that enhances the discussion on websites.

Internship and Fellowship programs. provide up-and-coming multidisciplinary practitioners a unique opportunity to discover new paradigms for viewing and using information.

Flickr Shuts Down Forum Discussion On Obama-Joker Image

What's the difference between Limited Edition prints and "normal" prints?

Top Tracks
of the 2000s

(Video) Researcher argues that aging is merely a curable disease.

"You're the 1 In a 11110100001001000000" - slyfoot
"You pick your destination, hoist up your sail, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let the wind do all the hard work." - TU
"There is a power in everything; it is the job of the artist to determine it and express it." - Mencius (372-289BC, follower of Confucius, 551-479BC)
"Who has time for a thousand words?" - Bootsy Haller, photographer
"I love it when there’s a revelation in art, when you see things you have not seen before, connections that you make yourself..." - Jeff Koons

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