14 May 2009

(Map) Alternative Online Business and Monetization Models (Full Audio-Video Recording)

The headmap manifesto is a sequence of text fragments dealing with the social and cultural implications of location aware devices.

Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets

Turn Color Digital Photos Into Beautiful B&W


Website Lets You Graffiti Any Other Website

Contact 2009:http://www.contactphoto.com/

Statr for Flickr : http://linuxinside.org/flickr/ ( tracks page views statistics)

Added as one of many contacts (by Ed & Sharon)

(Definition) "Socratic dialogue" : a form of philosophical inquiry in which the questioner explores the implications of others' positions, to stimulate rational thinking and illuminate ideas.

"Information overload is an opportunity for pattern recognition." - Marshall McLuhan
"Mind is the wrong thing, and through the wrong thing you are trying to find the right way. It is as if by closing your eyes you are trying to find the door." -Beyond Psychology
"...no matter what you do, or don't do, with the rest of your life, you cannot now comprehend the amounts of love, joy, and personal assistance that are already being pressed out to you in gratitude." - The Universe
"Things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream." - W.S. Gilbert (HMS Pinafore) Via
"I am From Where I Am." Via

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