04 December 2007

Edushi.com (short for ECity in Chinese) has mapped the 21 major cities in China (a visual feast of pixel art down to the finest detail). Via

Toronto (searchable Google map-based) general transit map. Via

Afghanistan Ethnolinguistic Groups Map : http://www.army.mil/cmh/brochures/Afghanistan/Images/6-7big.jpg

(EVA London 2008) Electronic Visualisation & the Arts : http://www.eva-conferences.com/eva_london/Visualising ideas and concepts, in museums and galleries, digital arts, sound, music, film and animation, 2D and 3D imaging... (London, 22-25 July).

Apple Form Factor Evolution (1976 - 2007)

Image Spam research paper and another project, “Filtering Image Spam with near-Duplicate Detection” target spam hidden in pictures. Via

PigCowChicken Map : http://futurefeeder.com/wp-content/IImages/radical-cartography.jpg

JapanCentric Map -------->>>>>>>>>>>>>

Face Mapped : http://szub.net/visuals/rlc/digitize-map/

We Can Create : http://www.mute.com/releases/viewRelease.jsp?id=8661828 Artist: Maps

(Poll Results) What motive was behind the 'redrawn map of the islamic world' ??

You Can't Predict Who Will Change The World The American system of trial and error produces doers: Black Swan-hunting, dream-chasing entrepreneurs, with a tolerance for a certain class of risk-taking and for making plenty of small errors on the road to success or knowledge. Via

"I Live in My Own World, but It's OK, They Know Me Here." - Sigmar Polke
"No task is so humble that it does not offer an outlet for individuality." - William Feather
"Truth is something you stumble into when you think you're going someplace else." - Jerry Garcia Via
"I didn’t sell out, son; I bought in." - ?
"It's not that dream worlds are born when you think new thoughts, but that real worlds are." - TU

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