25 April 2006

GETTING THERE : http://community.livejournal.com/cartographica/tag/roadmaps The science of driving directions.

An eye on the graphic news : http://www.visualjournalism.com/

'A taxonomy is a kind of knowledge map' : http://www.greenchameleon.com/gc/blog_detail/defining_taxonomy/

New World Voyages : http://www.marcopolovoyages.com/ before Columbus.

The Behaviourome / Mental Map Project : http://www2.unescobkk.org/eubios/menmap.htm (Darryl Macer, Ph.D.) moved here.

Recent launches of new functionality have boosted traffic to the 'Map' category : http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/9054.asp

History of Cartography : http://www.newberry.org/smith/slidesets.html Slide Sets online.

Map researchers : http://www.lboro.ac.uk/gawc/group.html

Geometry and the Imagination : http://math.dartmouth.edu/~doyle/docs/gi/gi/gi.html

A very long "line" drawing : http://ljudbilden.com/penonpaper/ pasted together with HTML.

How To Become A Creative Genius : http://www.wordjuxtapoz.com/Creativity.html
#1. There is no one right answer.
#2. The virtue is the thinking and free-associating.
#3. Whole brain means WHOLE brain creativity - always harness the power of your whole (not half) brain.
#4. Suspend judgment - especially during the idea generation phase.
#5. Let there be FUN!
#6. Learning is most fundamentally a MENTAL process.
#7. If at first you can't think of it, think again. And again. And again.
#8. The best way to get good ideas is to have lots of them.
#9. Involve as many senses as possible.
#10. For sense of security of completeness, most people need things to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Antique Map Price Record : http://www.maprecord.com/

Now sidebar linked here : http://www.shorttermmemoryloss.com/herebedragons/ ; a catalogue of interesting and informative maps and mapping technologies available on the web.

Six Contemporary Artists Who Use Maps in Their Work : http://www.artjunction.org/articles/mapartists.html

"Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein http://www.mycoted.com/creativity/quotes.php
"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different." - Albert Szent Gyorgi
"I invent nothing, I rediscover." - Auguste Rodin
"Instead of pouring knowledge into people's heads, we need to help them grind a new set of eyeglasses so that we can see the world in a new way." - J S Brown
"The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

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