12 December 2005

SVG - The Future of Web Rendering? : http://www.gilbane.com/gilbane_report.pl/80/SVG__The_Future_of_Web_Rendering.html

Going Visual: Using Images to Enhance Productivity, Decision Making, and Profits (http://www.goingvisual.com/book.html) “Going Visual is the first book to make the crucial link between images and business productivity, decision-making, profitability and competitive edge. Via http://xplane.com/xblog/?cat=59

The MapNews table : http://ix.stanford.edu/downloads/iXCHI04.pdf is an interactive system designed to allow collaborative navigation of international news sites. Photos; http://ix.stanford.edu/designblog/pictures.html

MapChatter : find people looking to chat (geographically) with photos and profile editing : http://www.mapchatter.com/

"Stages of Processing in Visual Search and Attention" :

StoryMap : http://static.flickr.com/34/70596551_995370b650_b.jpg --->

"Islands in the Salish Sea: A Community Atlas" : http://www.heritagehouse.ca/press_releases/salishsea_press.htm (30 local artists then brought these layers of accumulated information to life in vividly unique and extraordinary maps ).

The largest map collection in any public library in the world will reopen at the New York Public Library; http://www.nytimes.com/2005/12/12/nyregion/12library.html?adxnnl=1&emc=eta1&adxnnlx=1134401834-TT6JnuK1fySvdVHdtjPIOA "We do not have a rare-book mentality in this map division."

Periodical Historical Atlas : http://www.euratlas.com/index.html

TrenchMaps : http://www.great-war-trench-maps.com/watm.htm

"Flatland" (online) : http://www.alcyone.com/max/lit/flatland/ Edwin A. Abbott's classic tale of interdimensional experience.

I am a ratio noticed by few.
A pyramid, a flower, in math and in you.
A golden mediocrity in planets and space,
Fibonicci's forty in my fifteenth place.
Though quite small, I stretch to infinity,
The ancient greeks raised me up to divinity.
Fraternities exploit me without knowing my meaning
Some people maintain I have a mystical leaning.
(The number Phi 1.618.The golden proportion) From http://www.19.5degs.com/previous.php?r=16891&c=671

"If words can 'cite', but never 'sight', how can the verbal paradigm deal adequately with matters of vision and perception?" - after W.J.T. Mitchell (1994)
"Every advance in civilisation has been denounced while it was still recent." - Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, mathematician (1872-1970)
"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule." - Samuel Butler
"The greatest power is often simple patience." - E. Joseph Cossman
"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian. " - Dennis Wholey (1937-)
"That which doesn't kill you, makes you stranger..." - Ben Goertzel [after drinking a little too much Siberian garlic vodka...]

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