05 June 2012

Library of data visualization tools : http://selection.datavisualization.ch/

(Maps) United States and Canada 1810

Protein Folding : http://www.prionmeeting.ca/ 

Media Art Show

(Animation) Money Exchange Models

[Pics]Origami Street Art; (Papers The Buildings) via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2012/05/origami-street-art.html#ixzz1wSJlx6mr
cartographicperspectives.wordpress.com is no longer available.(The authors have deleted this blog).

Copyright Complaint CAN'T Kill the Rickroll

"With journal sketching a great deal of work can be accomplished in a rather short period of time. Speed is key, and speed comes from practice." - Don Getz
"Even you, Paul, can be in only one place at one time." - Erdős's mother:"
"In principle I am against manifestos, as I am also against principles." - Tristan Tzara, 1919
"Look at nature, work independently, and solve your own problems." - Winslow Homer
"There is no such thing as 'on the way out' as long as you are doing something interesting." - Louis Armstrong

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